Xinzhu Zhang

Xinzhu Zhang

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Xinzhu Zhang is Professor of Economics at the Institute of Quantitative & Technical Economics, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. He is the Founder and Director of the Research Center for Regulation and Competition, which is affiliated to the Chinese Academy of Social Sciences. Related positions that he holds include : member of the Advisory Committee for the Telecommunications Act ; Member of the Advisory Committee for the State Informationization Office ; Vice Director of the Policy Group on Telecommunications Technologies of the Ministry of Information Industries ; and Member of the Advisory Committee for the Doha WTO Negotiation on Competition Policy.

He is the author of four books and has published extensively in both domestic and international academic journals in such fields as applied incentive theory ; theory of regulation ; and regulation and competition policy in China, particularly in telecommunications, electricity, and railways. He has been actively involved in advising the telecom regulator on regulatory reform and is leading a project on interconnection costing and pricing.

Website : Global Economics Group (Beijing)

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