Torsten Koerber

Torsten Koerber

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Professor Dr. Torsten Koerber was born in in Hanover/Germany. He studied law, economics and history at the German universities of Goettingen and Munich, as well as at the National University of Singapore and at the University of California at Berkeley (Boalt Hall) where he received his Master of Laws degree (LL.M.) in 1993. After teaching at the Martin-Luther-University Halle/Wittenberg and completing a legal internship at the Berlin Court of Appeals he published a dissertation on "The Competitor’s Standing to Sue in German, US and EEC Merger Law" in 1996. In the same year he became assistant professor at the University of
Goettingen where he worked with his academic advisor Professor Immenga and wrote a second book ("Habilitation") on "Basic Freedoms (of the EEC Treaty) and Civil Law" that was published 2004.

Professor Koerber taught as a guest professor at the Technische Universitaet Dresden in 2004. In the same year he was appointed tenured associate professor at the Heinrich-Heine-Universitaet Duesseldorf. In 2005 he was appointed tenured full professor at the Friedrich-Schiller-Universitaet Jena. Since October 2009 Professor Koerber has been teaching as full tenured professor at the Georg-August-Universitaet Goettingen. He also gives lectures in the (english language) Master of Business, Competition and Regulatory Law program at the Freie Universitaet Berlin.

Professor Koerber’s research focuses on German, EEC and international civil and trade law, especially antitrust law and network industries (new economy, media, internet, telecommunications and energy law), and corporations. He is editor of a commentary on the German Stock Corporations Act (Buergers/Koerber, Aktiengesetz, 2 ed. 2011), of the leading German Competition Law commentary Immenga/Mestmaecker, Wettbewerbsrecht, 5th ed. 2012), as well as of the antitrust law periodical "Neue Zeitschrift fuer Kartellrecht".

Website : Georg-August-Universität (Göttingen)

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