Tadashi Shiraishi

Tadashi Shiraishi

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- 1987-1990, Research Associate, University of Tokyo
- 1990-1991, Lecturer, University of Tokyo
- 1991-1997, Associate Professor, Tohoku University
- 1997-2003, Associate Professor, University of Tokyo
- 2003-current, Professor, University of Tokyo

University of Tokyo Faculty of Law LL.B., 1987

Articles in English (single-authored)

- "A Baseline for Analyzing Exploitative Abuse of a Dominant/Superior Position", UT Soft Law Review, No.5 (2013), pp. 1-7

- "Effects on Domestic Purchasers : A Descriptive Theory for Competition Law in Cross-Border Cases", Philip Lowe & Mel Marquis (eds.), European Competition Law Annual : 2010

- Merger Control in European and Global Perspective (Hart Publishing, 2013), pp. 275-285

- "The Electric Power Industry and Competition Law in Japan" Soft Law Journal no.19 (2012) pp.75-84

- "Refusals to License Intellectual Property", in an OECD free documentation of "Competition Policy and Intellectual Property Rights" (DAFFE/CLP (98) 18) pp.287-293, 1998

- "The Japanese Congress enacts the Pass-on Consumption Tax Act (POCTA) to prevent exploitative abuse when consumption tax rates are raised in the near future", e-Competitions | N° 53100, www.concurrences.com

Website : University of Tokyo Graduate Schools for Law and Politics (Japan)

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