Sean Durkin

Sean Durkin

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Sean Durkin specializes in antitrust economics, damage analysis, econometrics, microeconomics, and international economics at CRA. Dr. Durkin has served as a testifying expert on damages and liability in class action, antitrust, patent, and unfair competition cases and has testified before the International Trade Commission and the Illinois Commerce Commission. He has extensive consulting experience on both competitor and class action cases involving a wide range of antitrust issues, including collusion, bundling/tying, exclusive dealing, and predatory pricing. He has worked on cases involving price fixing, quantity restrictions, and non-compete agreements. Dr. Durkin has consulted on a variety of merger cases for government agencies in the US and Canada and also for merging parties in both horizontal and vertical mergers. He has also consulted for a major retailer examining retail expenditures across different target groups and a trade association estimating the impact of proposed changes in EPA regulations. Dr. Durkin is a lecturer at the Harris Graduate School of Public Policy Studies at the University of Chicago and previously taught at the school’s Booth School of Business. He also taught at Wayne State University. Prior to joining CRA, he was a principal and director at Navigant Economics.

Website : Charles River Associates (Chicago)

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