Lars Wiethaus

Lars Wiethaus

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Lars joined LECG in April 2006 and is based in the London office. He was educated at the University of Hamburg where he earned a PhD in Economics. Research appointments include independent studies at the University of Notre Dame, the European Summer School on Industrial Dynamics hosted by the University of Bocconi and a Post-Doc Research Fellowship at the Max Planck Institute of Economics. Lars taught courses in Industrial Organization and Managerial Economics at the University of Hamburg and supervised sessions of international MBA programs. Lars’ research covers firms’ strategic behavior towards R&D and vertical foreclosure with application to telecoms. He has published in the International Journal of Industrial Organization and Economics of Innovation and New Technology and presented papers at numerous academic conferences. He is referee for academic journals. Lars continues working in economic theory with his most recent research looking at theoretical models of competition and regulation in telecommunication markets.

Website : E.CA Economics (Berlin)

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