Janis Kestenbaum

Janis Kestenbaum

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Janis Kestenbaum is a partner in the Privacy & Security and Commercial Litigation practices in Washington, D.C., focusing on consumer privacy and data security as well as advertising and marketing issues. Prior to joining Perkins Coie, Janis served for four years as Senior Legal Advisor for consumer protection to Federal Trade Commission Chairwoman and Commissioner Edith Ramirez. In that capacity, Janis provided advice and counsel on the full range of privacy and data security enforcement and policy issues to come before the FTC, including the Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, Fair Credit Reporting Act, U.S.-EU Safe Harbor Framework, mobile privacy, data security, data brokers, big data and predictive analytics, social networks, and online tracking. She also provided advice and counsel on advertising substantiation, endorsements, online marketing, telemarketing, and consumer fraud issues in wide-ranging contexts. Janis has also served as a member of U.S. delegations to the International Conference of Data Protection and Privacy Commissioners and the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) Data Privacy Subcommittee.

Website : Perkins Coie (Washington D.C.)

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