Gregory F. Wells

Gregory F. Wells

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Greg Wells has represented major corporations in private multidistrict, multijurisdictional antitrust and other commercial litigation and government investigations in diverse industries, including computer microprocessors, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, diesel truck engines and ATM networks. He has particular experience in opposing class certification in private antitrust and consumer protection class actions, including working extensively with economic and industry experts.

Greg has counseled clients, including major corporations and trade associations, on compliance with state and federal antitrust and consumer protection statutes in the forest products, performing rights, horse racing, chemical and pharmaceutical industries. He has also been extensively involved in providing pro bono legal representation, including serving as lead trial counsel in litigation against the United States arising out of the loss of much of an artist’s professional portfolio while on loan to the government as part of a cultural exchange program.

Greg is active in the American Bar Association Section of Antitrust Law. He has served as vice chair of the Books and Treatises Committee, editorial board member for the Annual Review of Antitrust Law Developments, project chair for the Antitrust Class Actions Handbook, and as the editor and a principal author for the class certification chapter in the Indirect Purchaser Litigation Handbook.

Website : Bingham McCutchen LLP (Washington D.C.)

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