Gareth J. Macartney

Gareth J. Macartney

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Dr. Gareth Macartney is Senior Economist and Director of Competition Analytics at OnPoint Analytics. He specializes in the economics of industrial organization, antitrust and intellectual property. He has published papers in academic journals including the Economic Journal. Gareth has analyzed a wide variety of industrial sectors including rail freight, ready-mixed concrete, the dairy industry, fertilizers, pharmaceuticals, mining, petrochemicals, real estate, fashion, food and agriculture. He has produced expert reports related to issues of class certification, price-fixing and patent infringement, as well as a variety of complex damage analyses. Gareth has managed cases with potential damage awards of billions of dollars. As well as involving challenging economic concepts, these cases have required the analysis of complex datasets with millions of transactions and the delivery of reports under tight court schedules. Prior to graduate school he worked in the IT consultancy and banking sectors. During his Ph.D. he was the Advanced Institute of Management’s scholar at the Institute for Fiscal Studies, one of London’s leading economic research institutes.

Website : OnPoint Analytics (DC)

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